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Post  Dill781 on Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:21 am

The staff of Clubpenguin X forums feel that everyone should not be able to do whatever you want. We have made a new set of rules! These will be permanent. Here are the rules!

-Do not use any harmful language. This includes sexual language, racism, swearing/cussing, or anything that might be offensive to other users.

-There is zero tolerance for harassing other users.

-Your personal signatures may not include the following. No racism, swearing/cussing, pornography, etc.

-We do not allow one user to have multiple acccounts.

-Do not argue publicly with a moderator or admin.

-Do not spam. Spamming means when you post something like "fjdlsajfl;dsjaf;ldjsafl;dj".

-Stay relevant to the topic. Side chatter is alright, but do not do so in excess.

-Always be kind to other users. Do not flame them.

-Do not infringe on the Rights of others.

-Please post in a readable color and text format. We do not appreciate when you write in the same or almost the same color as the background.

-There is no advertising here, although you may put some website URLs in your signature.

-No back seat moderating. We have moderators and admins; let us do our jobs.

-Never hack into the system, if you do we will permanently ban your IP address and E-mail address.

-Don't abuse the right to report a post. If you do it may result in losing the privilege of reporting.

-Please do not make a username, or anything relatively the same to a staff member of CPX.

-Do not ask anyone here for their Club Penguin password or their password for any other website.

-Do not post or privately ask for a user's personal information including their address, phone number, etc.

These rules apply to everything having to do with Club Penguin X, unless we have noted that it may be used in a area specified in the sentence/rule.

-No medical help. If you were to give someone advice to take a medication it could get the forum in HUGE trouble.

-No relationship discussion allowed in the forums. If we find this we may ban you or take away PM rights.

-No virus infected websites allowed!

Ban Rules
If you are banned we do not want you back. DO NOT make another account, because you can't outsmart an admin or a moderator. We can get your IP address and ban it. If your account is banned permanently don't try to hack into it we will find out. If the ban is for a very bad and illegal thing we have the right to take legal action.

Signature rules
In your signature you may not include sexual language, cussing/swearing, racism, pornogoraphy, personal pictures, etc.. If you do you may loose the privilege of having a signature!

PM rules
Do not harass any users publicly or privately. The user may report you and you will lose the privilege of sending and receiving private messages.

In the end the staff would like for you to follow all the rules and if you don't it will go from us doing nothing to you being banned permanently. We have many staff members that will be keeping eye out for you breaking rules so please be good and we expect that you will follow the CPX rules. Lastly, the most important rule is to use your common sense and if you think that something might be offensive then don't post it! Sincerely, ~The CPX Staff

-The Staff of Clubpenguin X

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