Read this if you're new.

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Read this if you're new.

Post  Dill781 on Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:18 pm

Hi new users of ClubpenguinX! We are very happy for you to join because with enough users our population will keep growing and everybody will be able to chat together! Here are some suggestions if you are new.

Introduce yourself in the Hi's and Bye's forum. I will greet you and remind you to read the rules.

Follow the rules. If you don't, you could be warned or banned.

Respect the users and staff of CPX. If you do, they will treat you nice back.

Don't be annoying. People will not like you if you do.

Try not to post too much. It just floods up the forum and makes everyone annoyed.

Respect the forum. Don't criticize it because the staff work hard every day for it.

No one likes a begger. Don't beg for something and ESPECIALLY don't beg to be a staff member, as it is part of our rules to not ask to be a staff member.

If you follow these suggestions, it will probably help you enjoy your stay here at CPX.

Have Fun! ~Dill781

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