The Penguin Band

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The Penguin Band

Post  Sweetkid123 on Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:40 pm

Hey guys, im so happy i finally met every member of the Penguin Band! They are great! They give out a Free Background! Here a pics of their player cards! I met them in frozen!

All the members of the Penguin band are Great! They are one of the nicest people in Club Penguin to meet! They all were in frozen at the same time so it was easy to meet them! I Think it very fun and I had a Great time! They talk just like us! They are Great players too. They will tell you to follow them and the dance and they will walk all around! I hope you all get a chance to meet them if not hopefully you do Another time. This was for members only but it was fun! You guys are great! Thanks for coming to my website! Comment what you think! Thanks

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