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Rick Roll Websites

Post  Sweetkid123 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:50 pm

Hello users. I have been around here and reading posts. I am getting tired of people posting Rick Roll type websites. If i find anyone posting these i may ban you. I will first warn you and i keep track of bans and Warnings. I have already warned a few people about this and you know who you are. If you do this then i may ban you and i may take away rights to things on the website. If you do i will remove the link and warn you because of what these sites are. If you dont know what rick roll sites are they are sites that dont let you exit and they have viruses in them. DO not go there. These can ruin your websites. If you go there by Accedent just click Cntrl alt Delete and look for the website name. Then hit end process and it will close. Thanks

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