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Post  Sweetkid123 on Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:51 pm

Hello users of Clubpenguinx,
I have been thinking for a while and the only way that we get users is if us (The staff) and a few users have been the only ones getting users. We need more users to have a better forum and thank you to everyone for all the advertising (if you advertised). Well i would like all users to try to get more users by posting on your website or in a comment on another website/blog. If you all try really hard to get users we may get more users to check us out and Register. We would like that all users participate in getting a few friends or just people of Club Penguin to sign up. If you have already done this thanks again and if you have not i would appreciate it if you tryed to get users. Please do this and I will be very happy and so will the rest of the staff. Thank you

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