New Things on Clubpenguin

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New Things on Clubpenguin

Post  Sweetkid123 on Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:52 pm

This week in clubpenguin, we have gotten loads of things! Some of these things are the new servers, penguinmail, and a mailbag for all penguins! We also got a new newspaper! We now have a new pin and new igloo catalog! The hidden items in it are A plant, Guitar stand, a clam and a Veggie Garden. We now also have a disco ball, stage lights, a stage, and a mic. We have the new pin in the cave so if you need it just go there it is in the corner! The new game that Billybob talked about in the Club penguin Blog. We have found out where it will the Nightclub! We are building it now! Well thats a quick preview of whats been happening this week in Club Penguin!

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