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Post  Sweetkid123 on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:30 pm

Hello Staff and members of Clubpenguin x. I have been thinking and we are now having Qualifications for Staff. We have demoted a few Staff members because we feel that the Staff should be here longer before becoming a Global Moderator. The people we demoted have been moved to Cheating masters becuase we feel that when we get more members we will need more global mods but for now you are in the cheating masters part. We also feel that if you get 3 or more warnings you will not be able to become a mod for 90 days. I think the global mods should have posted atleast 50 posts but if you have that dosent mean you will be a Global mod. Please dont ask to be a global mod becuase that will get your chances lower, and possible ban/warning. We will not be moving anyone to Global mod position for now and we are sorry for any Inconvenience. If you have a problem please send me a PM and i will sort it out. Thank you.

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